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7 Ways To Let Him Know You Like Him

Those days are gone when you have to wait around for a guy to approach you. If you’ve been waiting for some time for him to make the first move and it hasn’t happened you can take the bull by horns and find subtle wa[...]

5 Things To Look For In A Man

We women claim to know the things to look for in a man yet when a guy comes along we seem to forget all the rules. It’s true that there should be no rules when it comes to love but you have to know what you want and as[...]

3 Ways To Restore Romance In A Relationship

Although it simmers with time romance is still essential to a healthy marriage or relationship. Without taking time out for romance you and your partner become “platonic partners” meaning you do and share everything [...]

How Men Show Love: 3 Surprising Ways

Ladies, sometimes the words “I love you” is not all what it’s made out to be. You want to hear them but he does not say it and you start thinking that he just does not love you at all. Some men won’t just come ou[...]

Dating Profile Tips: 3 Tips To Attracting The Right Match

You’ve tried free dating sites to get your feet wet with online dating and you only attracted a bunch of jokers and spammers. In spite of your reservations you paid to join a popular paid online dating site and still y[...]

Enjoy Your Single Status Until You Find The Right Guy

Crossing thirty and being unmarried appears to be the kiss of death for some women. It’s the time when you start hyperventilating that you’re running out of time and get those “poor you” looks from friends and fa[...]

Looking Your Best After A Breakup

Do you remember the last time you broke up with someone? I am sure you remember how you felt down in the dumps, so much so that you stopped eating and spent at least a week at home wearing the same pajamas and hated the [...]

4 Reasons Why People Break Up

Hundreds if not thousands of people end their relationships every day. There are a number of reasons two people who once declared their love and eternal devotion to one another decide to go their separate ways. In this a[...]

When Honesty Is Not The Best Policy

Have you ever heard the term “familiarity breeds contempt?” When it comes to relationships this contempt can be expressed through the use of blatantly honest statements which only serves to drive a wedge in the relat[...]

Beneath The Surface: A Look At Lies Women Tell To Keep the Peace

You might not know it but women tell lies within a relationship. It’s true! This is especially true today,with the magnitude of pressures that they face within the relationship. Let’s make one distinction before I go[...]

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