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Guys: Practice These Five Moves And Score Big

Women love it when men go out all out and do the impossible to impress them but believe it or not we appreciate the simple gestures just as much. Here are five simple moves you can use to impress her right now without br[...]

Get Him to Call You

The world of text messages, BBM, Facebook likes and statuses have taken over so much so that people barely have to talk to each other anymore. In your relationship you might be starved for pleasant conversation with your[...]

These 5 Things Will Stress Your Guy Out

Keep your eyes wide open you might be guilty of these 5 sins that may be stressing your guy out. 1. You Hold Grudges Your constant reference to past mistakes could be eroding your relationship. Learn the art of forgivene[...]

6 Signs He Wants To Breakup

You have a sneaking suspicion that something is wrong. You can’t put your finger on what it really is but from the way your guy is acting you know something is in the works. While women would talk about problems in a r[...]

4 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boyfriend

Whoever told you that you have to divulge everything about yourself once you begin a serious relationship told you wrong. Yes, you are a couple and he may have told you what you believe are his deepest darkest secrets bu[...]

4 Things Your Guy Wants To Hear

Show your guy how much you admire him and he will bring you the moon on a platter. Truth is that it does not take much to get a man all puffed up with pride. Getting your man to crack a smile is as simple as using the po[...]

3 Things You Must Do After A Breakup

Nobody likes breaking up. Whether you were dumped or set him loose there is pain involved. Technology makes breaking up even harder because you’re constantly confronted with reminders of the relationship because of it.[...]

Tired of Traditional Dating? Here Are Five Reasons To Take It Online

Over the last few years the growing trend of internet dating has sharply increased. When researchers thought it had reached its peak a couple of years ago they had to adjust their predictions since it only keeps climbing[...]

Love At First Sight: Is This A Myth?

You’re stuck in traffic on your way to work and really getting impatient with the delay. You glance over at the car in the next lane and think how much you like the low lines and that shade of red. You casually glance [...]

5 Things Women Should Know About Men

It’s easy to see that women and men are different in many ways, while some of these differences are quite clear you will need to look beyond the obvious to discover the other differences. Women for instance take it for[...]

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