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The Woman Men Adore and Never Want To Leave – A Review

Reviewer: David Chesterman Rating: Book: The Woman Men Adore and Never Want To Leave This ebook, written by Dr. Bob Grant (aka “the relationship doctor”), is fast becoming one of the most popular relationship ebooks [...]

Top dating tips for shy guys

The same old story, shy guy, home on a Saturday night whilst his friends booze it up and get all the girls. Does this sound familiar? There is nothing wrong with being a shy guy but if you can’t loosen up sometimes it [...]

Bringing the passion back into your love life

Some of you may be wondering what passion has to do with personal growth and happiness but if you show me a couple without passion in their lives and I will show you a couple that is on the rocks! The truth is that if yo[...]

3 Romantic date ideas to bring you closer with your partner

We have discussed date ideas that your man will enjoy but what about something a little more romantic? Romantic dates don’t need to be boring for men (or women) and they are a great opportunity to get a bit closer to y[...]

3 things that people who got their ex back have in common

Breakups are really hard, feeling rejected and pushed away it is really heart wrenching to want somebody who doesn’t want you back. But hopefully we can bring you hope and some advice on how to get your ex back for we [...]

Signs That Your Relationship Is Unhealthy

It is easier to pinpoint if you relationship is healthy by the way that you feel in the relationship itself.  Some emotions that you will experience if your relationship is not healthy are listed below. It affects other[...]

Dinner and a movie not working for you? Emotionally charge your dates!

Would it shock you if I told you there is something you can learn about dating by being robbed at gunpoint?  Read on and see for yourself… It sounds crazy that something as intense as a robbery could help with dating [...]

How getting fit can get you a partner

Before you roll your eyes and click away from this post we aren’t focusing on how a six pack is going to get you the guys or the girls! Instead we are focusing on how exercise and getting out of the house can help you [...]

Five Ways That You May Be Sabotaging Your Relationship

Even though you might be thinking that you should receive the best girlfriend award there just might be some things that you are doing to sabotage your relationship. Check the list below to see if you’re putting your r[...]

How To Tell If Your Guy’s A Player

In the back of your mind you know that something is not right with the way your guy treats you. He is always on edge and seems to have something to hide. He flirts a lot even when you are around and you’re beginning to[...]

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