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5 Questions You Should Answer When You Feel Lost

It happens to the best of us at some point or another, the feeling that you have lost your sense of joy and passion for life. There are some crucial questions that you need to get the answers to in order to recover your [...]

Can Your Partner Be Just Friends With An Ex?

What do you do when your partner claims that he/she is just friends with a previous partner? Should you put your foot down and demand that they cut all communication or play it cool and see where it leads? Whether people[...]

What Does It Take To Have A Healthy Marriage?

The benefits of marriage go beyond having a partner to share your hobbies with or not ever having to worry about a date for the weekends. Physicians and psychologists tout the medical and mental benefits of a healthy mar[...]

Why do most relationships fail? Your partner doesn’t feel understood!

I’ve seen this time and time again, relationships going up in flames just because someone in the relationship simply doesn’t feel like they are understood. This isn’t always limited to one partner either, sometimes[...]

Take the right steps to get your girl back

Breaking up with a girl you really care about leaves you in a really hard place, all you can think about is getting her back. If you truly want to get her back then you need to face the facts and asses what happened in y[...]

Bad Boys And The Women Who Love Them

There is the unspoken appeal of bad boys that seem to draw ladies in and I am not just talking about the movies. Wherever you look it is the men who seem to ride on the dangerous side who have all the beautiful women by [...]

Want to know what your man wants more than a pretty face or small waist line?

If you ask a handful of girls what a man wants most of them will probably say some variation of “a pretty face”! You want to know a secret though? There is something that a man wants a lot more than a skinny blond bo[...]

Single For The Holidays: Here Are Some Ways To Make The Most of It

The holidays are all about family, friends and your loved ones and if you find yourself all alone and wishing that you had someone special to spend it with it could get you down at this most wonderful time of the year. E[...]

Are You Guilty Of These Three Common Communication Mistakes?

Good relationships are based primarily on good communication. No joke! Once the initial surge of attraction wears off any problems with communication will quickly become obvious. In fact if you are having problems in the[...]

Why nice guys don’t always call back

One of the most common questions amongst women is “why didn’t he call me?” I’m not talking about those token insensitive guys (the creeps) but rather we are talking about the nice guys who seemed polite and you h[...]

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