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10 Worst First Date Mistakes

You’ve been on many first dates and you felt a connection on a few of them and you were certain that he felt the same way, so why hasn’t he followed up and called you back? It could be that you are making any or all [...]

Helping your partner out leads to a successful relationship

In any good relationship there is give and take. If your boyfriend drops you off at your friends place then it is only fair that you return the favor in one way or another. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you[...]

Long distance relationship advice

One of the more common questions we get emailed to us is usually along the lines of “How can I make my long distance relationship work?” so I thought it was time for another article on the subject. You may find yours[...]

Find The Right Guy Without Losing Yourself

After waiting a lifetime to find the right person you might react in number of strange ways when you do meet that special person. The sense of giddiness, happiness and possibilities of what could be take over your action[...]

Does Sex Define A Relationship?

In our very liberated society it’s very easy to go out on a first date and have sex with the individual if you feel some chemistry. Even on college campuses the practice is so well known and accepted that it’s been c[...]

Are You Ruining Your Chances Of Finding Love By Sleeping With Him On The First Date?

The majority people would agree with the advice that women should never sleep with a guy right away if she likes him and wants to have a meaningful relationship with him. How solid is this advice? Would sleeping with a g[...]

Some Dos And Don’ts of Open Relationships

Open relationships are not as taboo as they used to be many years ago. Couples in this type of relationship say that it is a way to keep the flames alive, to maintain a lasting relationship and to ease the boredom that s[...]

Should You Try to Win Him Back?

You’re faced with a dilemma, you just broke up with your boyfriend who you still love, should you beg him to come back or wait around to see if he’ll come back on his own? Of course you can’t overlook the fact that[...]

Here’s How You Might Lose Out By Playing Hard To Get

If you think that you would get the guy by playing hard to get, think again. Sadly, this is a popular piece of advice that women get almost every day. As well intentioned as the advice may be it makes no sense in this da[...]

Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships are more common than you think and you won’t realize this until you are unexpectedly stuck in one. Relationships on their own are challenging but long distance relationships will add an extr[...]

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