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What drives men away

Have you been unlucky with men in the past? Have you been left waiting by the phone, wondering why he hasn’t called back on more than one occasion? I hate to say it but it may be something you are doing! But don’[...]

Say I Love You This Christmas Without Breaking The Bank

Saying I love you this Christmas does not have to cost a fortune. If you want to give your man a great gift but on a budget you can delight him with gifts that he’ll love just as much as if you’d spent a small fortun[...]

What is jealousy and how do I beat it?

The green eyed monster, envy, bitterness, resentfulness…call it what you will but jealousy ruins relationships! Even the most saintly of us will experience jealousy in some form it is just a part of being human. Romant[...]

Is Jealously Ruining Your Relationship?

Jealousy is a common emotion that we feel when we long for the fame, success or status of another person. You may experience jealousy at some time or another and it is usually completely normal when you do. Consistent je[...]

5 Reasons Men Cheat

Men cheat and they always will that is a fact but not all men cheat so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are countless books that are devoted to teaching women why men cheat and ways that they can combat i[...]

3 Relationship Risks That You Must Be Willing To Take

People who enjoy great relationships do so because they are willing to take risks for the ones they love. There are some risks that you don’t want to take, such as flirting with a friend or looking up an ex, if you val[...]

Three Steps To Emotional Health In Your Relationship

Your emotional health will not only determine the type of people that you attract when dating but also impact the type of person that you are when you are in one. To have a relationship that is healthy and built on a goo[...]

5 Reasons Your Husband Might Be Unhappy

If you’re thinking that you would know if your husband is unhappy you might be wrong. Your husband could be unhappy and you don’t even know it. Sure you might be doing all the things that you feel should make him[...]

5 Romantic Holiday Date Ideas

As fun and exciting as the holidays can be they can also add extra stress and tension to your relationship. If you want to relieve the stress and bring the romance back there is also no better time to make this happen th[...]

A must know tip to get your ex boyfriend back

I had a fight with my neighbor this morning. We don’t normally fight, but we are all only human right? Fights happen, it is a part of life and it sure is a part of love. Most breakups happen in the heat of the moment. [...]

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