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Getting Started With Online Dating

There are lots of reasons you might give online dating a try! For one, you can do it without even leaving your own home. Literally right now if you were to abandon reading this article you could be signed up and browsing[...]

Relationship truths for men and women

I think Hollywood has given us some terrible advice when it comes to romance. It fills our heads with unrealistic ideas of men, women and love in general. Whether or not we are aware of this though most of us are still c[...]

Relationship advice that will keep the flame burning

Many people describe starting a relationship as the easiest part of the battle, the tougher, trench fighting efforts come later when the connection between you and your partner may dwindle slightly. Interestingly, these [...]

5 tips to help you get over your ex

Moving on from a relationship is hard, to say the least. It gets worse, too, for those of you that just ended a long relationship the agony and heartache tends to linger depending on the relationships duration. There are[...]

My 4 Sexy weekend tips you can’t miss – and why my boyfriend was left thanking a man!

Ok girls, it’s time to get a little bit naughty with Roxanne. You should have seen the cheeky grin of pure satisfaction on the face of my boyfriend last Sunday night as we were driving home from our romantic weekend. I[...]

Want to add some passion to your relationship? Try these romantic tips!

Why not have some fun with your relationship! People seem to get scared of being a bit corny or showing their sensitive sides, but if you can’t have some lovey fun with your partner then what’s the point of being tog[...]

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