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How come I’m still single? What’s a girl got to do to get a man?

Getting older can be scary! In your 20’s everything is going along smoothly without any troubles in the world. You and all your friends head out every weekend meeting hundreds of men. You are young, hip, you have your [...]

Help! Our relationship is stagnating and I’m bored!

It’s not just a cliché in movies, over time in a committed relationship things can get a little…well…boring! Does this mean you should break up? Has the relationship run it’s course? I mean, if it’s no fun why[...]

Trying to impress your man? Love advice for women

I have to be honest, as a man I can say openly that women don’t actually have to do much to get the attention of a man. Most men are actually secretly sitting at the bar hoping that a women will one day come and strike[...]

Second date jitters

The first date was an absolute success! You were well groomed, showered, manicured and all around made up and looking gorgeous. The fancy restaurant and wine made your head and heart swim and the sparkle of new love is o[...]

Get Him Back...

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