4 Reasons Why People Break Up

Hundreds if not thousands of people end their relationships every day. There are a number of reasons two people who once declared their love and eternal devotion to one another decide to go their separate ways. In this article we will look at just four of them.

Timing Is Just Not Right

One of you might have believed that finally you found Mr. or Ms. Right and you’re hearing wedding bells while the other is just not at that point as yet. Both your priorities might be different at that point in time so it just makes sense to you to call it quits. Finding the right person is only part of the equation to maintaining and sustaining the equation. Timing plays an important role and the timing must be right for both of you.

reasons why people break up

Commitment Phobia

By phobia I mean not a real fear of commitment but rather an unwillingness to commit. This is especially true of men who always believe that someone better is always on the horizon. They might be in completely good relationships with amazing women but think that it has to get better than it already is. Sadly they realize too late that it just does not get better.

Too Critical

Nobody wants to spend their entire life joined to someone who is a constant critic. This is one reason that the one being criticized might want out of the relationship. Both men and women need someone that is supportive when they need support. If you are the critic get help to find out the underlying reasons for your constant criticism since it might have more to do with you than your partner. Getting this figured out and resolved is the only way to having a healthy relationship in the future.

Not Over The Ex

There are two sides to this. The first is that the person may be still in love with and so hung up on the ex that it is impossible to appreciate and fall in love with the current partner. This will only lead to resentment and push the partner further and further away finally ending with a breakup. The other side is that one partner might not be in love with the ex but instead will place past hurt and disappointment onto the current partner. This is known as bringing past baggage into a new relationship. It is important to learn from past mistakes but leave the past in the past. If the problems were really extreme like abuse or violence it is important to get help before getting into a new relationship.

Every relationship is different just as every individual is different. This is why there are no one size fits all formula for relationships. If you are going through a breakup, learn from it and move on to have a more enriching relationship based on the things you’ve learned from the past.

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