6 Signs He Wants To Breakup

You have a sneaking suspicion that something is wrong. You can’t put your finger on what it really is but from the way your guy is acting you know something is in the works. While women would talk about problems in a relationship guys won’t but if he is not happy he will drop some signals that if you’re perceptive enough you will pick up. Look out for any of the clues below to see if your guy is dropping hints that he wants to break up.

1) He Spends More Time At Work: If your guy suddenly accepts more responsibility at work without discussing with you then this might be an indication that your relationship is heading downhill. He might take on the responsibility in order to spend more time apart from you. Besides the extra responsibility might be just want he needs to keep his mind away from the problems ahead.

6 Signs He Wants To Breakup

2) He’s Keeps You Away From His Friends: You got your confirmation that he had made you a major part of his life when he introduced you to his friends. Now that he feels that the relationship is close to an end he would spend more time with them and leave you out thus signaling to them where his thoughts are heading.

3) He Avoids Intimacy: And not just in the bedroom. Any talk that deals with the relationship and how its progressing causes him to clam up. Simple things as planning for an upcoming holiday or what you’re doing for the weekend may cause tension because he is now completely closed off from the relationship in his head. Any attempt that you make to get close to him is either repulsed or he makes constant excuses for not want to get intimate.

4) He Body Language Alters: Instead of dropping his arms around you when you’re watching a movie or making space for you to fall in his arms when you’re in bed he turns the other way to keep you at a distance. If a guy is into you he will make space for you when you’re together. If he does otherwise you will be able to tell just from his body language.

5) HeCommunicates Less: Of course it is normal for guys to be non-communicative at times but when he stops doing little things that he did before like texting you throughout the day or calling to say goodnight or check in then you know that something is definitely going on.

6) He Distances Himself In Public: His public displays of affection when you just started out told the world that you were his girl. Now that he expects to be single again soon he stops all the hand holding, hugging and kissing in public places.

Although by themselves these signs might be a coincidence but when the happen all at once watch out and take it as signs that you guy wants to break up. If you want to captivate your man and make him fall twice as deeply in love with you then you simply must buy Woman Men Adore by Bob Grant (aka “the relationship doctor”) which unlocks incredible secrets of attracting men that will get your man chasing you like there is no tomorrow!

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