Bad Boys And The Women Who Love Them

There is the unspoken appeal of bad boys that seem to draw ladies in and I am not just talking about the movies. Wherever you look it is the men who seem to ride on the dangerous side who have all the beautiful women by their sides. These are the men who seem not to care and are almost guaranteed to cause heartbreak. Why do women fall in love with guys who treat them badly and keep them guessing?

What is the attraction to bad boys?

Women are drawn like bees to a flower to bad boys because of the confidence that they exude. That confidence draws them in and sends them on an emotional high. The strong, powerful, do what they want attitudes make women feel safe and victorious for having captured the heart of a man like this.

Bad Boys And The Women Who Love Them

Bad boys have an air of mystery about them and this keeps women guessing. Women love this because there is no room for boredom and it keeps them on their toes. Whenever a man is too available women lose interest. These are the same women who say that they long for someone who is available and show that they care! Women are more and more drawn to men who do not return their calls immediately, who are not readily available when they ask and who are always doing their own thing. This is what keeps their adrenaline going and the chemistry intact in the early stages of the relationship.

Women see the taming of a bad boy as a challenge that they must take on. The efforts that they put out to do this is seen as worthwhile if one day they can call such a strong willed man their own.

Does the attraction last?

The desire that women feel for bad boys heightens and reaches it peaks in the early months of dating. As the relationship progresses though the constant uncertainty can put a damper on the emotions. At this point the woman hopes for someone who is just as strong and confident as her bad boy, but that someone should want to settle down, provide stability and treat her with love and respect.

Making the bad boy behavior work for you

If you want to land the girl of your dreams you can learn a thing or two from the bad boys but you must make some adjustments. You do not want to pick up the negative traits but you can certainly pattern the confidence and other traits that they exude.

Confidence is the primary attraction of bad boys. It is a huge aphrodisiac. It is not something that you can imitate for long if you don’t have it. Work on building your confidence if you do not have it naturally. Confident men know exactly what they want and they don’t care what others think about them. They are not needy and they always have something going on in their lives.

Maintain an air of mystery. Never lay all your cards on the table when it is early in the relationship. You should keep her guessing about your feelings for her until you are both ready to move on to something deeper.

Be a man. Let her know what you want and the things you don’t want. Be firm in your decisions and maintain your confidence even in the bedroom.

Stay in shape. You don’t need six pack abs but you should do your best to have a lean and fit body. Confidence, thoughtfulness, strength and mystery all equals sexy in a woman’s eyes so get it together to get the woman you want.

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    Well, I guess this is true.. most girls would go for this types of guy, i guess because they’re the not boring type of guys.