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The Game of Love and Poker

Love is a gamble. It is the foundation upon which writers, singers, Hallmark and many other empires are built on but it is still a gamble. You just cannot predict whether you will settle down with your heart’s desire o[...]

Trying to impress your man? Love advice for women

I have to be honest, as a man I can say openly that women don’t actually have to do much to get the attention of a man. Most men are actually secretly sitting at the bar hoping that a women will one day come and strike[...]

Help me, I’m stuck in a rut!

Feeling a bit sluggish? Things aren’t going your way? Haven’t been out in ages? We all get stuck in a rut now and then; I think it has something to do with the “duality” of life. Sometimes we are really happy, so[...]

3 tips to bring in the New Year in a positive way

Welcome to 2012 everyone! Roxanne here, I’m not sure how 2011 was for you, but to be honest I am glad to see the back of it! With the New Year generally there is a feeling of fresh beginnings and a new start, we think [...]

Is Jealously Ruining Your Relationship?

Jealousy is a common emotion that we feel when we long for the fame, success or status of another person. You may experience jealousy at some time or another and it is usually completely normal when you do. Consistent je[...]

Three Steps To Emotional Health In Your Relationship

Your emotional health will not only determine the type of people that you attract when dating but also impact the type of person that you are when you are in one. To have a relationship that is healthy and built on a goo[...]

Find The Right Guy Without Losing Yourself

After waiting a lifetime to find the right person you might react in number of strange ways when you do meet that special person. The sense of giddiness, happiness and possibilities of what could be take over your action[...]

Six Reasons You Might Be Still Single

A lot of single women ask themselves the question, “why am I still single?” The first step to finding the answers to this important question lies in an examination of any self-defeating beliefs that lie within. These[...]

5 Questions You Should Answer When You Feel Lost

It happens to the best of us at some point or another, the feeling that you have lost your sense of joy and passion for life. There are some crucial questions that you need to get the answers to in order to recover your [...]

Single For The Holidays: Here Are Some Ways To Make The Most of It

The holidays are all about family, friends and your loved ones and if you find yourself all alone and wishing that you had someone special to spend it with it could get you down at this most wonderful time of the year. E[...]

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