How come I’m still single? What’s a girl got to do to get a man?

Getting older can be scary! In your 20’s everything is going along smoothly without any troubles in the world. You and all your friends head out every weekend meeting hundreds of men. You are young, hip, you have your whole life ahead of you and then next thing you wake up one day and bam! Suddenly your facebook wall is littered with pictures and updates of your friend’s engagements, baby expectations and new mortgages. Next thing the Saturday night party crew has dwindled to half it’s size and meeting new people becomes a much harder task.

Before we go any further, some words of encouragement. For a start, don’t feel like you need to rush into a marriage! These days the divorce rate is over 50% so not only is it likely that some of your friends will end up back on the prowl with you but it also shows the importance of finding the right partner for you rather than the first one you can “bag”. Don’t start panicking yet!

how come im still single

What are your standards like? If you set the bar too high there may not be a man in existence that can reach it. Despite what Hollywood tells us there is no such thing as a “perfect” or “ideal” man for you. The sooner you can truly realize this the sooner you will be able to find happiness. Instead of searching for perfection rather realize what is right in front of you. Look for people that share lots of your common interests and core values and put less importance on physical or financial situations!

Do it better! Being single can be sucky but it is actually an amazing opportunity to become a better person! Spend your time improving yourself in whichever way you see fit! From starting to hit the gym to studying a new university course you actually have a rare opportunity where you have time to add depth to your character and improve your lifestyle. Follow your pursuit of happiness so that when you do finally meet someone they will see a happy, healthy and interesting person.

I don’t mean to intrude but what are you doing to find a man? Unfortunately men won’t come knocking randomly on your door and start pitching woo (or at least this hasn’t happened to me yet), you need to position yourself in way that gives you an opportunity to meet people. Even if your friends are now wedded-recluses the internet has made it very easy to meet people in the exact same position as you! Internet dating is becoming more and more popular for a few reasons:  you can start right now, you can do it from home and within a few clicks you can find local guys that match your basic criteria.

If you really want to get ahead of the game when it comes to finding and keeping a man then the next 5 minutes of your life might be the most romance enhancing minutes you have experienced yet! Check out David’s Review and change your love life today.

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