How to get your Ex Back


Looking to get back with your ex? Are you still suffering from that hollowed out, empty, alone feeling? Going through a break up is really difficult for anyone but it is made that much harder when you still love your ex and you want to get them back into your life. The truth is that when you are in your current fragile emotional state your attempts at getting your ex back may actually be doing more harm than good! Here are some phases you must conquer to reconnect with your ex and see you back in the comfort of your loved ones arms.

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Tip one – Take a deep breath!

If your relationship has ended it probably ended in a blaze of stress! Lessen your chances of pushing your partner further away and take a few days before you contact your partner, get your head straight and think about what you really want. Understand why you and your partner may have separated and try to avoid contact. As girls we tend to beg and plead with our partners when we split up which is seen as weakness by males and likewise a Male may act like an emotional caveman which is never liked by women. No one is attractive at this stage!

Get your ex back

Tip Two – Getting your ex to see you again
One of the hardest parts of reconciling with an ex is having reasons to get in contact with them or hang out. When it comes to this phase of the reconciliation I really recommend reading life changing book the Magic of Making up which is a must have if you really want to get your ex back. There are no quick fixes to getting to see your ex again but this book is a definite short cut, especially if their incredible “second chance letter” works for you.

This book helps you understand why your relationship has ended, works you through your “needy” phase and then helps you build a tailored plan to help repair your relationship with your partner.

Tip Three – Re-attracting your ex!

Once you are talking again you have to build attraction to stoke the flames of love. This is actually very similar to building attraction with someone new! In this case to get your ex’s interest you will need to display you have changed in some way. If you are usually a recluse show your ex that you have been going out with friends and have become a socialite or if you used to be a party animal maybe show your partner you have toned it down and can spend the odd Saturday on the couch with a movie.


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