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As a child your parents caution you on just about everything. Be careful when you cross the road, be careful when you go out with friends, be careful while you’re at school, be careful of everything! Naturally you grow wary of their words of caution, even if you know now that they were given for a good reason. I am alive today because of those words. So why am I taking you back to my childhood days? Well, it’s because I want to give you a word of caution and I hope that you appreciate it and can apply it to your life.

Often I found myself in sticky situations with love and relationships and I would end up searching the internet looking for some form of hope or encouragement. Sometime I found the answers and sound relationship advice other times I recognized the garbage that some people wrote, even whilst I was in my distressed state.

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The moral here is that not everyone who has the power to publish a site or an article on the internet is qualified to hand out relationship advice. Believe me when I say that there are more unqualified people out there than qualified ones so just be careful before you act on what is said on the internet. That is not to say that the internet is not a good place for relationship advice, in fact I will share some of the best advice I have learned below.

Relationship Advice For When You have Just Broken Up

Take time to heal, reflect on the relationship and see where you went wrong. Learn from your mistakes and don’t be quick to jump into a rebound relationship.

Relationship Advice For Single Ladies

Enjoy being single even if you feel that time is running out on you and you are anxious to find a partner. Don’t be too desperate because men will sense your desperation and run far away. Take time for development of yourself mentally and spiritually and when your mate finally comes along you will be more than ready to meet the joys and trials ahead.

Relationship Advice For Men

Don’t be a punk! Be respectful of all women because those women that you disrespect might have friends that you will one day be interested in and you won’t stand a chance because your reputation would precede you. Be yourself because women can see right through your attempts to be someone you’re not.

Relationship Advice For A Married Couple

Marriage is usually the time when you have to apologize for not being all those things that you said you were when you were dating. You can still pull through though if you try to be even better than what you said. Respect your partner. Communicate the right things at the right moment. Remember that you made a commitment to love through the good times and bad. Don’t go in thinking that there won’t be any bad times because you will be severely disappointed. Finally above all treat your spouse always how you would like to be treated.

These are just a few of the great pieces of relationship advice that I picked up over the internet and through personal experience in the last few years and I feel will help you in a bind!

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