My 4 Sexy weekend tips you can’t miss – and why my boyfriend was left thanking a man!

Ok girls, it’s time to get a little bit naughty with Roxanne. You should have seen the cheeky grin of pure satisfaction on the face of my boyfriend last Sunday night as we were driving home from our romantic weekend. I chuckled, “Thanks Michael” he said sheepishly to me as we grinned at each other and I held his hand. Why was my boyfriend thanking a man after our personal sexy weekend? I’ll tell you in a sec, first I want to tell you how I got things started!

  1. A day before we left on our trip I took the time to send my boyfriend a few sexy and suggestive messages to get the old fires started. I chose to send him a couple of text messages at interesting times but you can just as easily send emails or even leave hand written notes.
  2. I made some saucy coupons for the trip – I made my boyfriend a little booklet of coupons listing things I would do for him. These ranged from a strip tease to getting him breakfast in bed and most things in between. To be honest we only used a couple of these as we got a little distracted…
  3. Roll the love dice – We got ourselves a couple of love dice that basically have a number of different positions to try on each side. We had a lot of fun trying to roll the dice midway through…if you can’t find any dice try writing some different things down and picking them out of a hat at random.
  4. I laid him down and gave him the best rub down and hand job of his life. Yes, you heard me, I rocked his socks! To be honest I haven’t heard him make noises quite like that before but it was nothing compared to his appreciation of my efforts afterwards!

4 sexy weekend tips

So why was he thanking a man named Michael for this wonderful weekend? Well, the truth is that Michael Webb (the author of “stroke by stroke”, you may have heard of him as he has been on Oprah, Fox news and other TV shows) had actually given me a review copy of his latest book and it inspired me to treat my boyfriend to this wild weekend! I let him in on this secret on the car ride home and he couldn’t keep the grin to himself!

Michael told me that he recently ran a survey that shockingly revealed  82% of men would prefer a good hand job to a blow job! I was pretty surprised, but he went on to explain that it is about the location, timing, setting the mood, accessories, the right strokes but also the right sequence of touching that make it so much better for men.

Are you interested in making your man addicted to you in the bedroom? Get yourself a copy of stroke by stroke now and save 43% off the sale price! This is just a temporary offer by Michael though and will end any day now. This is perfect for Valentine’s Day and is guaranteed to improve anyone’s love life and relationship!

To your love,


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