Want to add some passion to your relationship? Try these romantic tips!

Why not have some fun with your relationship! People seem to get scared of being a bit corny or showing their sensitive sides, but if you can’t have some lovey fun with your partner then what’s the point of being together? It doesn’t matter what stage of  the relationship you are in (this helps both […]

How to deal with a flirty partner

Flirting isn’t inherently bad; in fact it is really fun, normal human behavior! It can boost our confidence when we are feeling down or it can be used as a tool to show someone that we like them. Flirting is great and is mostly harmless…but what about in relationships? Having a flirtatious partner can lead […]

Help me, I’m stuck in a rut!

Feeling a bit sluggish? Things aren’t going your way? Haven’t been out in ages? We all get stuck in a rut now and then; I think it has something to do with the “duality” of life. Sometimes we are really happy, sometimes we are really sad and sometimes we are kind of in between. A […]

The 3 most common relationship problems

It seems there are a few issues that no couple is immune from these days! I’m not sure if it is the fluoride in the water, social networks, mobile phones or technology in general but things seem to be a bit more stressful for everyone in this day and age and this puts pressure on […]

Is your man hot and then cold? Get him a thermostat!

A lot of women I talk to often describe their man as being “hot and then cold” in the relationship. It seems that some men can be prone to peaks and valleys when it comes to romance and companionship! So what is it that makes men seemingly become disinterested on occasion only to bombard you […]

How to get men to approach you!

Last weekend I went out to a great venue by the sea to listen to some music and have a few drinks. It was an amazing evening filled with good times and lots of lovely women. As the night progressed I met 2 good looking women who were perhaps in their late 20’s early 30’s […]

Trying to save your marriage? Intimacy may be the answer!

A failing marriage can take a slippery turn for the worst the moment you stop actually believing it can be saved. If you give in and give up then you may as well just sign the divorce papers and go your separate ways. If that sounds horrible to you then it is time to start […]

Valentine’s Day 2012 advice

With February fast approaching, the 14th is just around the corner so it’s time to get our romance on or manage our expectations. For many, Valentine’s Day is one of two extremes: Very romantic or very lonely. It’s sad to say it but if we don’t have a date for the big V day we […]

Are you guilty of these fighting pitfalls in your relationships?

Fighting puts a lot of strain on relationships and also (maybe more importantly) takes away valuable snuggle time! I have some good news though, fights can be avoided to some degree if you are on your toes and aware of your actions.  As far as basic advice goes, make sure you always think before you […]

3 Things That Ruin Intimacy

It’s easy to lose the intimacy that you once had if you don’t take the time to nurture the relationship. As you begin to drift apart there are things that can creep in and drive a further wedge in the relationship. Here are some factors that ruin intimacy and things that you can do to […]

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