Second date jitters

The first date was an absolute success! You were well groomed, showered, manicured and all around made up and looking gorgeous. The fancy restaurant and wine made your head and heart swim and the sparkle of new love is on the horizon…this could be it, he could be the one! So what do you do on your second date then!? Can you repeat that amazing evening and chemistry?

There is no problem repeating a fine evening out and about but eventually you will want to have a date with your partner that shows them in their natural environment. Unless your new found romance regularly dines at fancy restaurants and wears expensive clothes then you will want to find a date idea that shows you what they are really like. Fancy locations and intoxicating perfumes may fuel the initial fire of love but long term compatibility requires a bit more than some fine dining experiences!

Second date jitters

Do something he likes – Hopefully you weren’t too lost in his eyes to be paying attention to what he likes doing! Did he say he likes flying kites or playing soccer? If you invite a man out for a second date to something he enjoys doing not only will it show you have been paying attention (and win you some points) but you will also get a chance to see him in an environment where he feels comfortable and he can show his true colors.

Just live your Day to day life – If you don’t want to pull out the glitz and glamor from the first date again then why not replicate an everyday situation with your new crush. Catching up for a quick lunch or coffee in his or your regular haunt will put you both at ease and will give you a good indication of whether or not you are really compatible. If you are a more active person why not take a walk with them on your usual trail and settle down for a picnic as well?

Something easy going with conversation points – There is a reason we have these classic, almost cliché, date ideas such as going to the movies, and that’s because they work! Sharing a movie together or going to an art gallery, for example, will give you a great conversation topic. Hearing your prospective partner’s thoughts and opinions on art (in any form) will give you a great insight into their thought patterns in general.

There are no set rules on how to proceed with the second date and there is no reason you can’t wine and dine each other well into the relationship! The dating period of a relationship however should also be used to find out how compatible you are with each other in the real world and not just on carefree Saturday nights at the disco!

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