The Game of Love and Poker

Love is a gamble. It is the foundation upon which writers, singers, Hallmark and many other empires are built on but it is still a gamble. You just cannot predict whether you will settle down with your heart’s desire or wind up with a broken heart.

Dating is the game that comes before the gamble called love. You must have skills and understand the intricacies because the stakes are exceedingly high. Both your head and your heart must be involved in this game much like a game of poker. If you give it some thought you will easily see that a lot of rules for poker can be applied to dating.

love and poker

As much as you’ll love to make the rules you can’t cause they’ve already been made and you must follow them when you believe that Mr. or Mrs. Right is sitting right across the table.

Timing Is Everything

If you’ve just lost a lot in poker it might not be a good idea to just jump in on another game. You might not have the right frame of mind. Being on tilt will put you in an even bigger hole so regroup before you jump in. The same is true with relationships. If you just had a messy breakup that might not be the time to get in on another relationship. Don’t think for a minute that you will miss anything if you take a time out. Just like poker, relationships are available everywhere and everyday so watch your timing.

The Right Game Is Crucial

Whenever the stakes are more than you can afford you need to bow out of the game. That is true for both poker and relationships. If you want something serious and your potential partner wants to sail in shallow waters then you need to recognize that you could risk your heart. Maybe that person might one day come around or maybe not. Can you pay the price of waiting around to find out?

Of course it’s a gamble and you might get lucky and stay in the game or you might lose your whole bankroll. When it comes to love it is always wise to pick the right game whether it’s light and fun or no limit you need to make sure that all players are on the same page.

Don’t Commit All Until You’re Certain You’ll Win

Successful poker players hold on to their chips until they are certain that they have a winning hand. Don’t assume that you’ve found the perfect one just because your first couple dates were amazingly good. Throw all your chips in only after you’ve truly connected on many levels.

Play the game of love and poker the smart way. Pay careful attention to the cards that you’re dealt and hold something back until you’ve got a winner.

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