Trying to impress your man? Love advice for women

I have to be honest, as a man I can say openly that women don’t actually have to do much to get the attention of a man. Most men are actually secretly sitting at the bar hoping that a women will one day come and strike up a conversation with him. It’s true! Build up some courage and try it one day! Having said this, it doesn’t hurt to make yourself stand out from the crowd to secure your position as a “keeper”. Here are a few ideas that are easy to implement are bound to impress any man.

Be your own woman – Men are looking for a woman that can stand on her own two feet and won’t need to hassle him for every minor decision. Do your best to be decisive if the situation requires it. A lot of men will be turned off by neediness so if you can even introduce yourself as an independent woman you will have already impressed him.

Trying to impress your man?

Get confident, stupid – This goes hand in hand with your independence. Walk with confidence, speak with confidence and well, be confident! Talking into your drink and a lack of eye contact will send a lot of men walking in the other direction. Confidence is sexy and confident women can propose a bit of a challenge to some men, but this is a challenge they want to take on.

Chat about boy stuff – If you know anything about sports or cars it won’t hurt you to at least make an effort to mention it! Some men may not give you the option of setting the conversation topic so just do your best to nod your head and ask a few questions. Just like women, men love it when you show an interest in their lives, even if you get it a little bit wrong it will show you are interested.

Dress so you feel comfortable – This should go without saying but if you aren’t comfortable in your clothes then it will be noticeable. It’s true, men like high heels and short skirts but if you are falling over constantly and everyone can see up your short dress then you may not be attracting the kind of man that will be a worthwhile life companion. It doesn’t hurt to show off your assets in a tasteful way, as long as you feel comfortable doing so. This can be a big part of confidence for some!

Don’t dumb yourself down – Ok, some men are still cavemen and they don’t like smart women. That’s their problem! Most men however will actually hate it when a girl plays dumb! If you have an opinion or something meaningful to contribute to the conversation you are very likely to score some points with men. Show that you can hold your own in a conversation and that you have insights and book smarts too.

If you take nothing else away from this little post then please focus on your confidence! Your body language and how you view yourself are all massive indicators to men because it comes across in the way you communicate. Confidence can be the difference between meeting the man of your dreams and spending another night alone on the couch!

Here’s to your success in love!

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